What you get with KidCommerce

KidCommerce offers are based on either a free or a paid monthly subscription that enables access to a robust suite of learning resources, people resources, and financial tools that empower both parents and children to build their personal portfolio. The services we provide include the following:

Active Education Curriculum

These are web-based interactive training programs designed around counting and managing money and are age-group specific. Each age-group has learning tools that help to maintain interest while simultaneously providing instructional benefit. Additional ‘task-based’ assignments are provided to encourage parents and children to work together and participate in local activities to better understand how various businesses operate.


Virtual currency to start learning about money with simulated benefits against real market exposures. KASH is an acronym for Knowledge Attitude Skills and Habits and represents the four corners of KidCommerce.com’s goals of achievement for its members. KASH can also be used in KidCommerce’s awards programs and internal exchanges to reward those that do well.

Financial Portfolio & Management Tools

The financial portfolio is complete to include real-world accounts in banking, insurance, retirement and investment services. Each paid subscriber of KidCommerce.com gets preferred access to accredited and licensed Accountants and Financial Advisors who can provide strategies that will ensure safe and stable account growth for their KidCommerce.com protected account. Free subscribers receive access to a limited number of courses, related articles from experts and affiliate product recommendations.

KidCommerce.com protected account refers to a Deposit Only account owned by the subscriber and maintained by the institution. KidCommerce.com does not own or maintain any financial information for subscribers.