1. What is KidCommerce.com? KidCommerce.com is an online platform that provides financial education and training for kids of different age groups, teaching them important skills related to budgeting, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship.
  2. How does KidCommerce.com work? KidCommerce.com offers age-specific curriculums and activities that are designed to teach kids the basics of financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. The programs include learning modules, interactive games, activities, and assessments to help kids learn about money management. Real money can be made through progress and participation.
  3. What age groups does KidCommerce.com cater? KidCommerce.com caters to kids between the ages of roughly 0-21. The program is divided into three age groups: ages 2-5, ages 6-12, ages and 13-18.
  4. What topics does KidCommerce.com cover? KidCommerce.com covers a wide range of topics related to financial literacy, including budgeting, saving, investing, entrepreneurship, and financial planning.
  5. How can parents get involved in their child’s learning through KidCommerce.com? Parents can get involved by monitoring their child’s progress, reviewing the materials and resources provided, and offering guidance and support as their child learns about financial literacy.
  6. Are there any costs associated with using KidCommerce.com? Yes, there is a nominal cost to access the KidCommerce.com platform depending upon the number of children to be enrolled. Pricing starts as low as $9.95/mo.
  7. How can businesses and non-profits get involved with KidCommerce.com? Businesses and non-profits can get involved with KidCommerce.com by sponsoring a child or a group of children, providing financial resources or mentorship to kids in the program, or partnering with KidCommerce.com to offer workshops or events related to financial literacy.
  8. Is KidCommerce.com suitable for homeschooling? Not in the traditional sense as commonly understood. KidCommerce.com can be a valuable tool for homeschooling parents who want to provide their children with a comprehensive financial literacy education. This would be on-top of their normal school education. The program’s age-specific curriculums and interactive learning tools make it a great choice for parents who want to teach their kids specifically about money management.
  9. Who owns the accounts created for my child? You and your child. All financial accounts are owned solely by your child and are managed exclusively by you as the parent or guardian with the financial institution holding the account. Kidcommerce.com has zero access to your accounts and only with your permission, we show you some summary performance information in our Parent Portal for your convenience.